About Us


Who are we?

In the words of Priyam Sengupta, the founding member of the team, “It all has begun back in 2007 when my family member was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through the treatment in the Presidency General Hospital a.k.a  PG hospital. During the frequent visits to the hospital, I got a truthful insight into the ongoing blood crisis and its necessity. Being a journalist I had many contacts and well-wishers who came forward in that time to help me to make arrangements for the blood and even by donating but it was heart-wrenching to imagine the plight of the patients and their families who come to the city with no prior contacts. He has undergone the treatment till 2012 and now is completely fit and fine. The visits to the hospital, my struggle to find blood in a short time, and the helplessness in the face of the patients’ families somehow stirred my conscience and I felt an urge to do something to make a change. I started to post about the blood requirements on my own Facebook wall but soon realized there are much more to do.  Taking inspiration from one of my favourite songs I initiated a Facebook group and started adding people to the group soon it became the foundation stone For the team BLOODMATES”.

With only 4 people BLOODMATES has officially inaugurated its journey in November 2015. To date, we have 175 members across the state who are working hard to avoid any inconvenience of the patient parties in their attempt to arrange blood for their near and dear ones. Mostly consisting of young people with no boundaries to their energy, each day BLOODMATES is thriving towards a brighter future to touch a new horizon.