What is our motto?

Remembering the quote  "আসল অস্ত্র সমন্বয়" more than 100 youngsters has joined us in our mission to eradicate any sort of troubles cause to the relatives of patients in their quest of blood for their loved ones. As the members of BLOODMATES, our job is to bridge a contact between the patient parties and the potential donors and reduce the jeopardy of patients' lives. Whenever it's necessary BLOODMATES will always be there with the superior motives and earnest desire to help you in the moment of crisis.

Where does it come from?

The quote "আসল অস্ত্র সমন্বয়" is taken from the song "উগ্রবাদের গুপ্ত বই" by famous Bengali singer Mr Rupam Islam. 2017, During the initial release of the song, it created a great spark among the mass. The time also happened to be the flourishing year for BLOODMATES as more people have started to come under its wings, therefore, nothing could have been a better morale booster than the lyric which teaches us about the real strength which can be formed only through harmony.